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Updated: September 17, 2016

Thursday 09-29. No Practice. Junior Dragon recognition between 7th and 8th grade games. Have kids at Hutch Field in jerseys at 5:00.

Updated: September 12, 2016

October 1, Home games vs. Nevada 6th Grade begins at 10:00, 5th at noon, 4th at 2:00 and 3rd at 4:00. Good luck Dragons!

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Drop off and pickup players from south parking lot only

  • Practice will be at the PHS practice fields
  • No horseplay before practice will be tolerated
  • No game pants and/or jerseys for practice
  • Do not use the circle driveway next to the practice fields for player drop-off, pick-up, or parking

The Pittsburg Junior Dragons Football and Cheerleading Programs
commitment to player safety and a positive experience

In an effort to protect and provide a positive learning experience for the participants of the Pittsburg Junior Dragon Football and Cheerleading Programs, there are new areas to the overall program that have been implemented to aid in that endeavour.  Each of the topics listed below are intended for coaches, players, and parents as a resource to make participation in the program safer, more enjoyable, and a positive experience for all involved. 

Concussions are a very real, serious, and sometimes overlooked medical condition. A concussion can have short term and long term implications if not treated properly.  Click on the picture or link in the navigation page to find resources to help identifiy this condition.

The Pittsburg Junior Dragon Football and Cheerleading Program is dedicated to providing a quality learning experience for its participants.  In order to achive that each football player or cheerleader must be given the opportunity to experience what the program has to offer free from physical or psychological intimidation.  The picture or link in the navigation menu has information on bullying and consequences with in the Pittsburg Junior Dragon Football and Cheerleading Program.

Important Notice:

  • Please do not use the turn around circle driveway, located on the West side of the High School next to the football practice fields, for player and cheerleader drop-off, pick-up, or parking.  Everyone should use the parking lot located on the South side of the high school next to the baseball fields.  Thanks for everyone’s help and understanding.

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